{hue}·ology Beginnings

Growing up the “Martha Stewart” of her family, Kari Camille used home design and décor as a creative outlet. {hue}·ology was born out of necessity. After moving back to Idaho and spending days searching for Chalk Paint®️by Annie Sloan, she saw an opportunity to share some of her favorite products. 

Now with her amazing spot in Historic Downtown Twin Falls, Kari shares her love of creation. Curating her store with repurposed furniture and Park Hill…her two great loves; {hue}·ology serves as a place for the DIY community to come together and learn + create.

We give you the tools and the know how to re-purpose furniture, update old cabinetry and cupboards, and decorate your space so it's the perfect reflection of you!

Annie Sloan Stockist


Helping you design, create, and bring your projects to life!