How to Paint Your Front Door

how to paint your front door step by step tutorial

Did you know that bright colors and custom front doors are in right now? You’ve probably noticed them popping up all over your neighborhood, and for good reason. When you paint your front door (done right), it enhances curb appeal which actually can increase the perceived value of your home! Plus, it’s just fun to make you home cute and personalized.

A lot of people actually shy away from doing this though, because they think it’s going to take forever and be a long hard process. You have to take the door off, strip existing paint, and sand. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to do any of that? You’d probably would tell me I’m crazy, but I’m not, well maybe I am a little, but I’m not wrong. Having already completed my own front door makeover just last year, I can tell you it’s possible because I did no stripping of paint, very little sanding (just a little because I was feeling picky about some of the rough edges), and changed my door color from red to white with only two coats of paint!

Now this isn’t just any old paint you can pickup at Lowes or your hardware store. It’s a very special paint and the reason I didn’t have to scrape and sand. It’s called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. It is by far the best project paint out there right now and it comes in a ton of different colors. So guaranteed you can find the right one that will match your style and personality. There are a bunch of other amazing products from this line, I could go on and on really, but for this project you only need two things!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. 1 Litre of your favourtie color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®
  2. 1 Medium Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Paint Brush
how to paint your front door before and after

Tutorial: Let’s Get Started

  • Step One: Choose your color and get your tools and supplies.
  • Step Two: Wash your door with soap and water and let dry. (Sand if necessary in rough areas with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Sanding Pads)
  • Step Three: Cover or remove anything you do not want painted.
  • Step Four: Apply generous first coat of your paint and let dry
  • Step Five: Apply second coat to your door and let dry.
  • Step Six: Step back and admire your handy work. You did good!

This process won’t usually take more than two coats of paint, but if you do two and think it still could use a little more to look smooth and even, or if you’re painting a lighter color over a dark color, do one more. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before starting the next one.

…And there you go! A brand new style for your front door and great curb appeal for your home!

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